Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What to Do, What to Do

I feel this pertains to a whole gamut of fun and icky problems in my life - the first of which is (again) how to spend this sunny, frigid day. The XBox remains un-modded, although I've read extensively on the subject and it could happen at any point in time. Thankyou internets, for providing me with the knowledge and illegal files to attempt such an endeavor. Thankfully, I am not apt to blow things to smithereens (at least not at this juncture) and am content to follow the "recipe" as it were to make my console a god. or at least to play NES/SNES/SEGA games on it. Not too much to ask, right? And for the purists out there, YES, I do own all of those systems (Gamer Nerd, much?) but lack the appropriate number of TV's and the patience to accommodate. so pfft.

Speaking of recipes and gamer nerds, I was uber pleased to see Olivia Munn gracing the cover of January's Maxim. It irks me to no end that the gamer world is mainly male dominated, with few exceptions. Honestly? Most of my good friends are gamers, my bestie being the foremost gamer, male or female, that I know, and they are hott. Maybe its our intelligence, maybe we're the product of a generation raised on Nintendo, and maybe a small part of it is our innate need to break the stereotype. I may not remember to mail the bills on time, but I know the Konami code by heart, and know where to get all of the magic flutes in SMB3. Selective intelligence perhaps. I'm still hoping Santa brings me COD:MW2, but I'm not sure that will be a positive influence on this blog...

Once I get this train a'rollin, my goal is to make sugar cookies with my darling three year old. Now this will probably entail a lot of redirection, a kitchen awash with flour and other ingredients, and a very messy Jacob. I expect reasonably good results... I think. We'll have to see how the cookie crumbles. Aren't I punny this morning?

I spent a good amount of time fiddling in Photoshop to create a more personal look to Anti-Stepford - what do y'all think? Still working out the kinks, but damn if it doesn't feel good to mess around with code again! Just another example of the vast knowledge cyberspace has to offer. A few weeks and several pots of coffee later, Cascading Style Sheets are conquered. Fatality! Anti-Stepford Wins! Flawless victory!

I digress.

The youngling is wandering with his pants half falling down. Suppose I should tend to that...

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  1. nah.. no tending to.. just laugh. that's what I do. :)

    I do like the new styling (i say this as if this blog is old) but I think it's a bit too washed out as it makes the pictures hard to see.

  2. duly noted! I'll have to look @ my opacity and shift some things around...

    and laugh I did, which caused fits of giggles from said youngling =)



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