Friday, January 1, 2010

Boiling Point

Ah, Two Thousand and Ten - here we are.

Been a busy week, my Blog-friends (and by busy, I mean more exciting than my normal addicted to the internets and gorging myself on ho-ho's week)

Currently, I think I smell funny.

No, really. Our hot water tank bit the big one on Wednesday, and we've been without since. Thank the retail gods (and my MIL) the new heater will be here tomorrow! But seriously, its one think to get a mild reek on over the course of a couple lazy days, entirely another to have to boil tons and tons of water for a shallow tepid bath. Ugh. I shall never take running hot water for granted again!

but otherwise, things are - well - things.
the day dawns, the chores loom, and time marches on. I spend far too much time on the internet, and indulging the youngling. I think I left the house... maybe? I actually had to check the computer calendar to orient myself. I mean, I know its New Years Day, but for some reason I was stuck on it being Tuesday. Boy was I wrong!

So Friday it is, and I had the wonderful fortune this week of having the company of the amazing Petra Gianopoulos-Wise, aka The Wise *Young* Mommy. Everything happens for a reason (or so I'm told), and rekindling friendships is no different. Every connection, every interaction hold a part of the larger puzzle as to who we are and where we fit into this crazy crazy world. If the people in my life are a kind of litmus test as to the person I am - well, shit. I'm doing very well indeed.

So Twenty-Ten - what new and exciting adventures do you hold in store? Challenges up the whazoo, I'm sure... (I wouldn't be me without them) but if I'm lucky, the grace and humility to conquer them, and to recognize every single day just how lucky I am.

Fuck your New Year's Resolutions, I'm aiming bigger...

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  1. 2010 better rock, that's all I'm sayin. I think we are due. Am I right or am I right? Thank you for having me today and thank you for the shout out. The universe certainly put you in my path for a reason lady! And I am so glad it did! XOXO

  2. At least the universe has things figured out! I think, its a new decade, and only good things are in our future! Can't wait to see what's in store! And you are always more than welcome, luv! <3



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