Monday, January 4, 2010


Delayed though it was, I couldn't suppress a skip in my step as I answered the door for the installation of my hot water heater.

In and of itself, finally having hot water is cause for rejoicing in casa de Anti-Stepford. But the blinding sun gleaming off of the mounds of snow brought a lightness of heart and renewed sense of industry. Laundry was washed and folded - organized even - and this afternoon finds me tasting the delicious homemade Potato Bacon Soup I was inspired to make. Not half bad for a Monday. Incredible for our domestically challenged heroine.

What is the deciding factor that spurs us toward action after inertia? Where do we store the strength and fortitude to soldier on in the bleak and lonely winters of our lives?

Not to wax too poetic, but I'm pondering these and other philosophical questions - like who stole the cookie in the cookie jar? And where did I put my only cigarette?

For now, I'll take the little victory, and wave my flag proudly.

And scour my smelly butt in a much deserved and decadent bath.

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