Sunday, January 3, 2010

One More Day

Sunday and its still snowing. I've always hated Winter - sure its pretty the first time it snows, but beyond that, this frosted wasteland has lost its charm and glamour. I'll have Spring now, please. Thankyouverymuch.

Sunday, and our hot water heater has yet to arrive, and I've gotten fairly good at estimating how far one round of boiled water will go. (For the record, its 1/4 of a bath, or 1/2 sink of dishes)
Dear Sears, fuck you.

I'm not one to anger easily when it comes to retail. Having been a slave to the retail grind for quite some time, I try to extend a little patience and courtesy to the poor souls of my ilk. My gripe is simply that over the course of three days, I was promised three times that delivery would be either today or tomorrow. They failed to mention that the plumbing company was closed for the holiday weekend. Three times. Dude! Number one rule of customer service. Don't promise something you can't deliver.

It could be far worse, of course. And for that, I am grateful. But I'll be immensely relieved when the hot water returneth.

In the meantime, there is a pile of dishes to wash, decorations to put away, and other hideous domestic tasks that make me cringe. Ahhh, life.

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  1. is yours electric or gas? it's too late now, but you could've alwyas gotten a rental (rent-to-own) unit from the gas or electric company-whicever you have. you pay a monthly fee on your bill ours is like $12/month, and if anything goes wrong they have to fis or replace it.. sure you end up paying more than it's worth in the long run, but when ours died-and it was a rental from previous owner- we had no extra cash to purchase one full out, so we went with the rental and got a brand new one. Still sucks though.. I ope it gets to you guys soon.. too bad there isn't a lemon law for houses.. oh wait.. did you guys or the seller do that American HOme Shield warranty thing? that would've covered it I believe

  2. I had no idea the gas or electric company did that! Learn something new every day =) As for warranty or insurance, I know there was none. In the grand scheme of things, its just part and parcel with living in a home, and that's a burden I'll happily take. Good learning experience for the future!



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