Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shenanigans & Observations

almost a week since my last post! for shame! ::makes a mental note to flog herself later::

perhaps my renewed appreciation for running hot water has dulled my wit this past week? could very well be... and coupled with this nastily tenacious head cold, it creates an interestingly zombified anti-stepford - organizing cabinets and forgoing the dishes. thankyou NyQuil.

i've rather enjoyed the quiet of the past few days - no impending blizzards and quite a bit of frosty sunshine to warm my heart. so much sunshine that i was blithely tricked into thinking of warmer climes and times. which got me wondering what the average temperature was for the coming week. the coming weeks. shit the coming month. give me hope for the waning winter! just a little sustenance...

i realized there's not much that i wouldn't do to sustain me through this long cold winter. even if its clinging to invention and fleeting hope. or burying myself beneath my blankets, indulging in Dr. Who. every day is a map of little rituals and actions to soothe my soul and prepare for spring.

  • wearing my slippers, even though my feet are toasty. they're warm and fuzzy and leopard print. that's all you need know.
  • buying whole bean coffee for the satisfaction of grinding it m'self.
  • having chocolate on hand. always. and ice cream.
  • indulging my senses. like shaving my armpits. no, really. the geniuses at Gillette have aromatic razors. ladies, tell me this isn't brilliant? your nose is already right there... half awake in the shower and suddenly white tea and jasmine or what have you. fucking. brilliant.
  • indulging my senses. yes, again. with smellums and potpurri and febreeze. sunshine in a jar. changes my whole mood. and i am quite moody.
  • music music music. every day. verse and refrain saving my fragile mind. and sometimes providing the kick in the arse that i need. well, sometimes.

and a hundred other little things that comprise my defense. bring it mother nature. according to, i've got six more weeks to gnash my teeth, and plenty of comfy sweatpants to do battle.

what, what?

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