Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tea Please. Make mine a double

*yawn* and *streeetch*

there is no sin so sweet as sleeping in until an ungodly late hour, until your eyelids can no longer stay closed. my sleep patterns have been a little wonky as of late, and a six hour stint earlier in the evening had me awake at 3am, watching Miyazaki and sipping tea.

there is a calm peace in the dead of night... when no cars are driving past, and the light is as black as it can be. i've always gravitated towards this time, working late hours, staying awake for unreasonable stretches of time. but recently i've been burning the candle at both ends, as it were. luckily, my bestie took the reigns with the youngling this morning, and a much more well rested Anti-Stepford is cursing by all that is holy the ungodly mess of dishes i have to clean before game night.

oh motivation, don't fail me now! i'll need to clean like a dervish as it is to get the house in presentable order before my college friends arrive, beer and Trivial Pursuit in hand. add in a stolidly uncooperative three year old...

and the warmth of my covers seems like a mighty good idea right now.

more tea. and this:

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