Saturday, March 6, 2010

Muse and Vomit (not in that order)

ah, life.

as I am wont to do, my erratic brain has lead me elsewhere these past few weeks *cough* months, and my poor blog has been largely neglected.

I'll take my spanking now, thankyouverymuch.

Sufficiently chastised? Good. Moving on...

I find myself antsy at this late hour. Perhaps its the odd sleep patterns? Late night television? (I am addicted to BBC America of late... have you seen The Inbetweeners?!?). No? Ahhh... the wrenching stomach bug and copious amounts of Gatorade I've been consuming. Yeah, that might be it.

So, sick and grumbly, I appeal to you, dear readers, as a welcome diversion from the icky nauseated mess I am. Considerate, aren't I?

Vomit aside, I can safely say its been an interesting few weeks months. I got a new job (huzzah!) at a swank Indian restaurant in downtown Plymouth. Yup, you're looking at the newest shot girl for The Guru Room courtesy of HollywoodEast Promotions. Dashing fellows they are, and the music is fantastic. I think my cool factor has gone up a notch or two by osmosis. Well. Maybe.

In other news, I was recently the victim of an online scam/false modeling shoot. Receiving a check for $3500 was briefly exciting, and then devastating once I received instructions to Western Union the balance to LA. HA! I may be naive and a tad too optimistic, but reaaaally? The worst part was realizing this *wasn't* my big break into modeling, and my humdrum life would have to (continue) to suffice.

well, actually, its not all that bad...

My fantastic hubby in his infinite wisdom (or quest for the nookie) has gotten me tickets to see Muse in Boston on March 6th!

that being... wait... TODAY!

as effervescently bubbling as I am about this (oh Matt Bellamy, please sweat on me...) there is the downside of flu-like symptoms that I have yet to shake.

but, plague-ridden or not, come hell or high water, I will scream my guts out with the masses, and revel in the awesome epic glory.

I feel bad for the folks in front of me, both for my madness and the possible vomit that will come with it.

See, didn't you miss me?

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