Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

The Epic Flood continues, and the short lived sunshine of last week seems like a distant memory. Stir-crazy, I find myself pondering Noah and wondering if there's enough scrap in the basement to build at least a canoe. The baleful glare of the offensive bedroom carpet and hideous kitchen floor taunt and torture me... and this domestic goddess lackey sighs in resignation, inactivity and the internets enveloping any degree of productivity.

No, wait, I rescind that statement; dishes are done (*gasp*!) and Boiled Dinner is, well, boiling, and there aren't too many sticky spots on the floor. All in all, not too bad... considering.

I wonder how anything is accomplished with any sense of industry with the advent of the digital age? Why cook/clean/tend/mend when there are viral videos, Facebook updates and torrenting to do and see? Not to mention video gaming, musics (apparently, I'm a new fan of The Faint), and good ol' fashioned television to dull the senses and capture/conquer the mind... and if there's nothing good on the telley, why fire up your favorite program on DVD!

A week after the infamous Tooth Debacle, I'm still uncomfortable and irritable. Thank goodness for the ever patient and understanding Mr. Anti-Stepford... and Captain Jack Harkness to make me smile tonight ;-)

Screw industry.

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