Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Nerd Saturday

Not that I really need any help in the geek department, but I've decided to devote Saturdays to uber nerd discussions - all the warm and fuzzy techie-videogame-scifi-nerdom that makes me a happy happy gal. I even began with a trip down memory lane, dusting off my Photoshop skills to create this nifty badge for those in the Blogosphere who might like to try their hand at this, too.

And where to begin? Well, for starters, whet your appetite on this little gem, purloined from the fabulous Ms. Wadleigh

squeeeeeee! heart Boba Fett. Fer Real.

OK, moving on, in Music nerd-dom, I nearly had a heart attack last night when I learned that one of my favorite bands, the long separated Sunny Day Real Estate, were working together on a new album. Squishy Squeeeeeee... for those of you who know Sunny Day, I hope you're as thrilled to itty-bitty pieces as I am =) For those who don't, look them up. They are the epitome of melodic grunge - a true highlight of the '90's Seattle music scene. Did I mention, SQUEE-HEEEEEEE? Good.

And for those of us who just love our Mythril and Moogles, Final Fantasy released their thirteenth title this week, and I'm salivating to get my hands on it. I foresee longer naps for the youngling and many late nights in my near future... Oh the joys of a new RPG (especially a SquareEnix release!) and the all encompassing and life sucking adventure it takes you on! I thoroughly enjoyed playing FFXII while the youngling was an infant (plenty of free time then - ah, the good ol' days!) and have particularly fond memories of many late nights and culinary creations whilst playing FFIX and FFX. The story, the epic graphics, the gameplay... I could go on and on... however I'll save the babble for a decent review once I've gotten a good taste of what FFXIII has to offer. Stay tuned, boys and girls, and don't touch that dial! Kupo!

So, Dear Readers, please tell me, what would you like to see for Super Nerd Saturdays? If its me in a Storm Trooper Costume, done and done. (Courtesy of Photoshop... for now)


  1. nice.. I may have to join in on super nerd saturday.. what have i got on my agenda besides house cleaning and PTO notes? not much..

  2. LOL - I hope you do! The more the merrier =) And I'm tactfully avoiding housecleaning by Blogging ;-p



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