Saturday, April 17, 2010


Shit. I've done it again.

Gone AWOL for an indefinite period of time, abandoning my little niche in the ether... well, in my defense, it certainly wasn't intentional. Or (for once) due to my A.D.D. and fickle nature. My computer crapped out on me over a month ago, and with no way to access the World Wide Web and all its glory, Anti-Stepford sat ignored in the corner, collecting dust and pouting with indignation.

So, like a neglectful parent, I'm hoping to make it up to ... myself? my huge (*snark*) readership? anywho, I digress... and no, there's no shiny new bike to buy my affection. Hopefully a worthy post or two will set things right.

And what a long month its been...

I took on even more cleaning/remodeling projects. Braved the last remnants of winter while anxiously looking for the sprouting of spring. Considered starting a garden. Watched every episode of The Big Bang Theory. Played Final Fantasy XIII for hours on end, only to find it utterly disappointing. (more on that later - it hasn't escaped my attention that today is also SuperNerdSaturday) Struggled. Laughed. Cried. Drank a little whiskey. Enjoyed some kickass live shows at Guru. Dreamed. Drew. Lived.

And today, lost a friend.

Social networking is a curious thing... news travels lightening fast, spreading in ripples and swelling. A friend from High School, with whom I'd reconnected via Facebook, passed suddenly in the night of pneumonia. Leaving me gazing out the window on this grey and rainy day, contemplating the fragility and relative futility of it all. This tenuous moment that we are graced with - to live and connect, grow and love - do we ever truly appreciate the magnitude until its gone? Is the memory we leave for our loved ones our only legacy, our truest impact? How will I be remembered when I'm gone?


there are no easy answers.

Rest In Peace, Jeff. Your heart was too big for this world.

Jeff Rhodes

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