Saturday, May 1, 2010

(An Ass-Kicking Installment Of) SuperNerdSaturday

Ahh... some calm repose with the house to myself. Pure insanity - this never happens! So what to do? Why enlighten my readers with this week's edition of Super Nerd Saturday.

For starters, feast your eyes on this:

Are you nearly as amped as I am? I'm not entirely an action flick girl, although I do thoroughly enjoy me some Jason Statham, and will *always* go see an Angelina Jolie action flick. "Salt" looks incredibly bad-ass... spies? espionage? Jolie in a svelte black action outfit? ...

where was I?
oh, yes. kicking ass.

I think it may have been Bridget Fonda in "Point of No Return" that sealed the deal for me, but I've always wanted to be La Femme Nikita. Weapons expert. Ass-kicker extraordinaire. Assassin.
The desire has only intensified over the years. And while I know I'm far too old and infirm to lead the Okuza a la Oren Ishii, its certainly nice to daydream...

Speaking of, I almost shat my pants upon seeing this:

Are you fucking shitting me? An espionage RPG?? Be still my beating heart. Its my sincere wish that Alpha Protocol fills the gaping void that FFXIII left. I'm intrigued to see how the two game styles are integrated - leveling up and yet utilizing first-person shooter techniques to complete missions. Its refreshing to see the genre finally morph and evolve beyond Mythril and Gil. I think a preemptive apology is necessary:

Dear Mr. Anti-Stepford,
I'm sorry, darling, but you'll have to fend for yourself for the foreseeable future. Pot pie is in the freezer. I think the youngling was last seen eating crayons. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they're non-toxic. Collect me if anything sets on fire.
All of my love,
your devoted wife.

PS - we're out of whiskey and beer. please attend.

We'll see how this goes. In the meantime, what makes you feel badass? huh, cupcake?

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  1. Its so hard to feel badass in my house since the hubby has 1 blackbelt and is working on #2. At work is another story since I work with a few fluffier men. So when someone goes out to refill our water cooler bottles, I go in the back and bring them in 2 at a time (5 gallon bottles). I feel a little she-man and all is well =)

  2. its the little things that get us by, right love? although today is more of a wimpy than hefty day... c'est la vie!



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