Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grab your battle-axe, its Super Nerd Saturday!


take two. see, I originally penned a post a few hours ago, where I begged forgiveness for yet another hiatus, and waxed poetic on the joys of art and ink, as well as Dwarves and metal music. But the post was lost somewhere in the ether, and here I am, starting from scratch. So bear with me, I'm a bit cranky ;-)

sooo... where was I? ah, yes. art.
you see, while I was horribly inattentive to my baby here, I was furiously creating with other mediums. That whole inspiration thing is a bitch, and when I get in its wily grip, its all encompassing. The fruits of my labor are, in my opinion, impressive, and have gotten me thinking (with some encouragement from friends and relatives) to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. This isn't a new goal in the chaotic world of Anti-Stepford... its always been a dream of mine to inflict pain create art with a needle and permanent canvas. Just a dream I tucked in the inner recesses of my brain to collect dust. Well hang on to your feather dusters, I may just jump in that saddle. I have a bevy of willing victims, which tells me something there. Either I'm good enough to be a good tattoo artist, or my friends are reaallllly stupid. (either way, I'm game.)

aside from drawing scantily clad women and ninjas...

I am completely smitten with Pandora. And apparently sludge metal. Well, I didn't know there was a sub-genre... but I can't get enough lately. Looking at all of my favorite music, I'm not surprised - but love that I'm hearing a bevy of new (to me) artists. Of course, being the dweeb queen that I am, I'm a day late and a dollar short to this party. How did I not obsess over The Melvins eons ago? and Neurosis? ahh, well, better late than never ;-) One of my favorite finds? This band:

oh so good. fer serious.

and its funny how life is sometimes... recently I've been reading "The Dwarves" by Markus Heitz (Epic fantasy novel! totally kicks my ass!) and one of the main character's name is Freya. I was a little surprised to see a song of that title by "The Sword"... as well as a song called "How Heavy This Axe". Coincidence? The universe smiling on me? (I'll look to Morgan Freeman's "Into The Wormhole" for that last one)

all I know, is that I don't know much.
but everything DOES happen for a reason. of this I'm sure. I don't necessarily believe its the hand of some supernatural deity. or Karma. or fate. no, just one more box in the giant flow chart that is life. choose to grow and live, or die.

or, use a resurrection spell.

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