Friday, July 1, 2011


Its occurred to me that this whole aging process is an insidious thing. I've blinked and suddenly everyone I know and love is married or pregnant or parenting or somewhere in between, your plucky heroine included.

I'm fully conscious of the ticking of the clock in many respects. I feel every moment of my 31 years on most days, and can even rectify the shift from young woman to adulthood. My child dresses himself, and gets annoyed with me on occasion (though not nearly as much as I am annoyed with him), and I am for the most part OK with the lines on my face. But then the tides shift, and life events bring into sharp focus both time and distance, from not just who you once were, but what your world once was and meant.

Tonight, I'm excited. Mr. Anti-Stepford and I are looking forward to an uproarious evening of homemade meatballs, a bottle of Moscato, and (finally!) SuckerPunch. Once upon a time, this wouldn't have elicited such a strong positive response from me. *Yawn* - a Friday night IN? My galloping pulse yearned for revelry to match it. But I'm genuinely pleased and looking forward to our quiet night in. Besides, the recliner is so comfy, why muss a good thing?

Perhaps its this second glass of wine, but more likely its the good news of one of my high school best friend's nuptials this afternoon, and tomorrow's most excellent wedding of my dear friend and partner in crime. Oh the wasted nights spent getting wasted at our favorite watering holes! Through good times and bad, she has long been my cheerleader, and the best darned hug giver ever. I don't think of myself as a girly girl, or incredibly mushy, but I know damned well that I need to invest in some quality waterproof mascara before she walks down the aisle tomorrow. Just because I chase my whiskey with beer doesn't mean I am incapable of human feminine emotion. Laugh, and I'll punch you.

Oh the shifting of things. Hubby is parading his cooking prowess around the house, and I'm laughing as I type. "Star Wars: A New Hope" is on TV while we finish dinnering, and rather than get maudlin about the time passed or how the people I love are aging and changing, I look forward to tomorrow's festivities eagerly.

Brianne and Jon, Katherine and Aaron, I wish you the happiness and comfort of inside jokes, homemade meals made with whiskey and love, and a hot hot date night in. I wish you joy and tears and time and tide, and resounding love every day.

::raises third glass with a mostly steady hand::
to you, my friends.

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  1. cheers!!

    we are getting old aren't we? i feel like it really wasn't (wait while I do some math... and so what if I used a calculator) 13 years since we left Wareham as we knew it... it's odd, really I look at pictures from our cheery youthful days and still think everyone should look like they did then. But no one does.most of us have porked up and I don't know a single person who is skinnier (or the same) as they were at 18)

    oh and BTW Spaceballs is totally bitchin'- "just what we need, a Druish princess" lol on of my favorite lines.. ok so i'm a mel Brooks fan and I might be able to recite Robin Hood: men in tights word for word.



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